From Langenlois to the New World.

Wine list

From the wine cellar. Let us begin our sensual dance of sparkling seduction, the search for a perfect companion – a wine-lover’s tour of our in-house wine cellar. Leading the procession is a magnificent white, featuring an elegant ensemble of elderberry and lychee. The careful observer may also detect a hint of citrus.

Next, we might take a turn through the vineyards of southern Styria, through Burgenland and the Wachau valley to the south. First stop: Tuscany. Then onward through France to Spain and far, far away, across the water to the New World. Talk of superior fruit is more than just sour grapes – expert advice is needed if the wine is to successfully serve its crucial purpose of stimulating the palate and priming the tastebuds for the next course. Mellow and warm from the southern lands. Pleasant and intriguing, highly recommended!

You may have already gathered that here at Restaurant Juritz, we are dedicated wine aficionados. We will be happy to advise you on the perfect bottle or offer a wine tasting. And we’ll be serving more than just a few easy-drinking options!

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