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Cuisine & philosophy

New times require new pathways. And they require forward thinking. Kitchens require cooks with vision. And visionaries who are prepared to change their culinary perspective. Denise Juritz comes from a gastrosophical family. She learned from her parents, especially from watching her father – and then followed her own path. But she is still holding to their values. Sustainable. Delicious. With consequences. Many years ago, she began to think in terms of the local region and to focus on origins. It’s always the trendsetters that inspire others to think. To think again. And to think outside the box.

That’s why it’s about more than just a feast for the eyes and the palate. Colourful details from next door and bold ideas from far away combine to create an intelligent, distinctive cuisine that celebrates indulgence. Absorb the taste, and exude contentment. Soak up the flavours, soak in the feeling, and stay a while. Luscious, delicious, precious.

Savour with deliberation, and drink with joy.

A successful odyssey of pleasurable indulgence awaits you over lunch or dinner. From fresh salads and light snacks through delicious main courses and all the way to dessert. With some highlights from the Juritz wine cellars on the side. Perhaps you’d like to start off with a small glass of beer, a light Prosecco, a lively Aperol or a fruity long drink to quench your thirst after an active day?

In any case, it’s an effortless meander through the menu. In fine weather, of course, you’ll want to sit out on our newly refurbished terrace. In comfortable lounge chairs. With views of the idyllic and enchanting landscape. With birds twittering. And with greenery all around. Delicious, effortless, pleasant. 

When it comes to ingredients, we have to laugh a little here in the spectacular Rosental nature conservation area. We live in the heart of the most beautiful lake region in Carinthia with wonderful inlets and streams, the Feistritz reservoir on our doorstep, and plenty of tributaries and brooks punctuating the landscape. We have our choice of innumerable crystal-clear fishing waters. And we have our farmers, who supply us with everything the land has to offer.

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