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Almost half a century of pure culinary art, superb cuisine and fine dining.

Restaurant Juritz

One restaurant. Two menus.

Gourmet indulgence in the Rosental valley

It’s like two sides of the same coin. The same concept, a different preparation. The same philosophy, a different interpretation. Camping and cuisine are two different worlds with a common denominator: a love of freedom – and a passion for true indulgence. We are pleased to invite you to enjoy an indulgent adventure in two acts. On a culinary stage. Both acts feature the same director, the same kitchen team, and and identical result: a culinary happy ending that leaves everyone entirely satisfied and well content!

The gourmet Restaurant Juritz.

If you love freedom, you’ll also appreciate indulgence. That’s why we’ve refurbished our restaurant with a view to the latest trends – to provide the perfect setting for a colourful mixture of traditional Austrian cuisine given a fresh, vibrant new interpretation, and light Mediterranean delicacies based on fish & meat. In a casual, relaxed ambience, it will be the culinary highlight of your indulgent holiday experience.

The fine-dining Restaurant Juritz.

We will spoil you with an elegant dinner or fresh, summery lunch in the chic romantic atmosphere of our newly renovated, comfortably furnished fine-dining restaurant – and our new, covered terrace features the latest in trendy design elements, offering an uninterrupted view of a thousand stars when you choose the option of open-air cuisine. We invite you to enjoy a tremendous range of weekly specials all year round, from asparagus, fish and game to autumn goose!

Restaurant opening hours

Hot meals, lunch: 11:30am – 2:00pm
Hot meals, dinner: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Mondays and Tuesdays, excluding public holidays

Welcome to an extraordinary culinary experience at Restaurant Juritz.

Find all the delightful answers to your questions of good taste and embark on a journey through the very best of flavours and hues – from classic Carinthian dishes to trendy cuisine vitale, with the occasional detour further to the south or, indeed, right around the culinary world.

As an enthusiastic culinary artist, I am driven by the desire to create and serve. A passion for indulgence, and the quest for the perfect symbiosis of nature, taste and healthy well-being. My main aim is to successfully combine the culinary art with a fundamental connection to nature – to enchant guests with fresh ideas, crisp delicacies and traditional highlights featuring an inspirational balance of seasonal and regional elements. What does all that get you? That’s easy: magnificently uncomplicated edible delights, prepared with sustainability in mind.

Tempting hot meals and tasty cold dishes. 
And the comfort of knowing it’s an entirely sustainable indulgence.

Denise Juritz

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